All this while we were duped into thinking that Lim Kit Siang and his family had been the champion in fighting for the survival of our chinese schools in this country. It’s all BS laaa – Nothing can be further from the truth.

They and by extension our beloved DAP have done nothing much despite PH having been in power for 22 months in Putrajaya. If you dont believe me, have a look at these figures:

*Education Fund For Chinese Schools Obtained by MCA in 2021:*

*Education Fund For Chinese Schools Obtained by DAP in 22 months:*
*_Including RM6m for the 3 IPTS Rakyat managed by DONG ZONG namely The New Era University College, The Southern University and The Han Chiang University College_

Absolutely embarrassing!
This year alone those Ah Bengs in MCA have managed to secure RM192.12 millions for our Chinese schools – which is RM88 millions more than what the DAP got during their entire time as part of the PH’s government before being unceremoniously kicked out with their tails between their legs.

You still think the LIMs are our true heroes eh?
I, on the other hand, think Kit Siang and his blabber mouth son Guan Eng are all bark and no bite. They have been together with that Anwar Ibrahim fella for too long that they have absolutely lost the plot.
To add salt to the wound, the MCA only has 2 MPs in Parliament and we, the fierceless party, have 42 MPs!
What have you guys been doing aar?
Makan gaji buta kah?

*Gerald Sim*